Monday, August 1, 2016

Tegucigalpa Week 52


still dont know if i have changes or not, the zone leaders aren't going to tell us until lunch.

And this week we taught an old guy hes like 70 years old we found 2 weeks ago, he wants to be baptized and we took him to church on Sunday which was cool. But he didnt really like i think, it was a giant multi stake conference in all of central america. And we got to hear from Neil Anderson!! Dude and he spoke in Spanish, which was really cool! because he doesnt really know any spanish, he served his mission in france and lived in brazil for four years. But yeah he talked about the starting of the temple in the Congo, and the explosion of the church there! And he talked about hte importance of the Boook of Mormon. 

Oh! And before the satellite transmission started they sustained all of the new melchizek priesthood holders in the stake, and Marvin and Norlan received it! Super awesome they are sweet converts so proud of them. 
other things that happened this week.... found a guy who was in canada in 2000 and he showed us this old book of mormon that the elders had given him way back then. the book was one of the old versions really interesting. And he was super positive, the only problem is that he smoke like 5 cigarettes in the lesson and has like 3 woman. 
With all the preparation for the stake conference this week setting up chairs and stuff i got to see elder paz again that was super fun haha. 

what else¡? oh it rained last night. 

Oh and mangos are back!!!!!!! WOo!! eating mangos reminds me of my training its super crazy it feels like yesterday i was in comayagua. 

Well i love yall and the church is true, who knows what happens with the changes!

Love, Elder Wagner

PS:  Dude they told me! Im going to Carrizal as district leader!!  im going with elder hernandez he was in my district in the CCM! Woo!

Loving the packages from home!