Monday, August 1, 2016

Carrizal- Tegucigalpa Week 55

hey family! 

This week was great, even though it was semana santa and hardly anyone was here (like literally everyone went south to thier pueblos and the beaches, it was kind of annoying) but! we ended the week off very great with 3 baptisms and confirmations. The baptism was pretty sweet, i directed the service and everything and Elder Chavez baptized the three of them, his first baptisms on the mission! Eduar, a 25 year old, this guy is awesome and is such a great convert. He was so chosen and prepared to receive our message, so great. We also  baptized enyell and emily, one is the daughter of a so/so member, but we have helped rejuvenate them about the Gospel. ANd enyell was a youth that has just been going to seminary on his own. 

Butr yeah seen lots of blessings here even though it was kind of a hard week to find new people. We have like 3 or 4 dates coming up on april 9th, the members love us and we love them, its been great. 
I guess the only downside is that elder chavez got really really sick, well is sitll sick with like chikungya or zika. Yesterday we just wenbt to church and then we went home and he just zonked out. But yeah church was great i got to confirm Eduar, and i learned a lot as week took the sacrament. I love the sacrament. 

This week was also fun becase every morning we went at 6 to go play soccer with a vbunch of nearby youth at teh church. it was super fun, now every day have been waking up at 6 with out an alarm, kind of annoying haha. but yeah great week, and i hope elder chavez gets better so we can keep trabajando como negros esta semana jaja (haah that phrase everyone uses here i dont think its racist for them)

Conference this week
!!!!!! Get pumped ! my third confernce on the missino, kind of crazy. just one more after this one. 

Well, love yall! I am really glad that andrea is alright, how scary! 

Love, Elder Wagner