Monday, August 1, 2016

Carrizal- Tegucigalpa Week 53

This week was AWESOME!! 

So i got to my new area, its called jardines de Carrizal, its super awesome! its still here in the city, but kind of the outskirts. so it kind of feels like a pueblo it reminds me a lot of juticalpa. But yeah now we are in the city writing in a giant ciber with a bunch of missionaries haha elder dunn is sitting next to me.

Yeah so my new companion is Elder Chavez!!! He is super awesome! He just got finished being trained, so now he has like 4 months int eh mission. He is from el paso texas and he will be at Byu after the mission. So he speaks pretty good spanish already and loves to work. 

This week we were super super busy!! It was awesome we just met all of the members and i just asked for references and we got a ton! We taught 13 lessons with members this week! and we brought 7 to church, and we put 4 baptismal dates! and this week we had a baptism, wehn i got there he had been going to church for like a month but the elders hadnt taught him yet, so we taught him all the lessons and his brother baptized him! And the baptism was super full! So that was sweet to see Emerson is really great  he is 15 years old lives right in front of the church. The church here is pretty nice, it is a ward but way way smaller than country. But i like it a lot more. The Area is GIGAntic, there used to be 3 companionships here a long time ago but now its just us. 

Only minor problems here is that we have to wash our clothes, theres no running water, and none of the members give us food... hahah but elder chavez has been teaching me a bunch of new stuff to cook! THis change is going to be awesome! We have a baptism planned this Saturday and the next and the next too. We are just so dang busy haha its awesome, we hardly had any time at all to contact. which is good actually because we are working so efficient. 

Yeah we are just seeing the awesome miracles of ready people that God has prepared and just the blessings of being obedient. I love it.

I hope you have a great week! General Conference is coming up!!

Love, Elder Wagner

Elder Wagner and Elder Chavez

Family Martinez from Country- Norlan is on my left.