Monday, August 1, 2016

Tegucigalpa Week 51


i got 2 huge packages this week]!!!! Thanks Jacquie and Mom! oh and the glasses are sweet thanks mom now i'm good for the eye situation, guess i should've told y'all earlier, before the Christmas Skype. but yeah love the chocolate and everything. the fruit snacks always disappear so fast. i think as going away gifts i'm gonna give everyone in the area the twixs or something.

This week was alright, with the highlight being that i got to go on interchanges with elder meads in their area, it was super awesome, their area was great, even though it was super small they work so efficiently there wiht the members. I really hope i can get a solid companion to hustle and work like that. Oh yeah transfers are next week, next tuesday,, woo! haha im going to miss this area for sure (well i really have no idea whats going to happen but..... i really shouldnt count my eggs before they hatch though) yeah this area is awesome! Norlan and Marvin are going to get the Melchizek Priesthood!!!!! So sweet to see how theyve progressed, seriously the best converts, yeah the real awesome thing is that they are paying their tithing, whcih is the thing that usually impedes someone to get the Melchizek Priesthood. So yeah it is so cool to see how theyve changed. 

Right now the area isnt looking so great, mostly because my companions tooth continued to hurt this week, but thats okay!
We also went to the temple this week with investigators. But we didnt enter. It was cool though, it is so quiet on the temple grounds and is so easy to feel the Spirit. I love the temple. I wonder when we will be able to enter again for sessions ¿?

Alright well thanks for the emails and packages!!! 
Have a great week! 

Love Elder Wagner