Monday, August 1, 2016

Carrizal- Tegucigalpa Week 54


This week was another great week, even though we didnt have a baptism on this saturday, it turned out for the best because e now we have like 3 or 4 four this weekend. kinda a bummer because we were thinking we could get baptisms every saturday in our change here, but it turns out for the best because now we got her cousin to accept a date for this Saturday. 

This week was filled with lots of meetings too, a big fat leaders meeting which was in the Country building, i got to see elder paz and elder gomez which was fun. but yeah we had  a zone meeting, that meeting, and district meeting g this week. learned a lot though. 

We have really been having a lot of fun and working hard here elder chavez and I, and we have really been seeing a bunch of miracles. It has really been great, there has been opposition like always, but i really feel the Power of God and HIs spirit here in this area. 

We have Eduar, who will be baptized this saturday, he is 25 years old and is AWESOME! he wants to serve a missino and has such a powerful testimony. were really pumped to take him to the temple because he had a dream about helping his brother who got killed a few years ago, and how he helped like with God, so we got to explain the doctrine of the temple, and wow he has great faith

I also did an interchange with elders in my district, i went to a place called ciudad espana. It was cool because they just opened their brand new chapel, its so great to see the church grow. 

I guess the only thing we have to work on is to find people for the end of april. But yeah we have seen lots of miracles with the gente, yesterday God put us in a far part of our area where we had a contact, but he wasnt there, and then we decided to visit a member family, and they all were sick, with one being pregnant and having chikungya. We found out that this sister was praying that we would come to give them blessings, and yeah, God put us there as instruments in His hands. It was very spiritual, it feels so great to do what the Lord wants us to do. 

Semana santa this week, lots of people are going to be gone, so it'll be a little hard this week. its raining right now. 

I've been learning how to cook more stuff. but the members gave us more food this week, so thats sweet

I love you guys! Have a fun spring break! 

Conference is almost here! Get ready!

Love, Elder Wagner

This is our bathroom, you have to take in a bucket of water with you.  No running water.