Monday, August 1, 2016

Tegucigalpa Week 50


Sorry for writing so late! Its because my companion went to the dentist to day and we were there ALL day! hahaha it was cool though because these dentists are from the states they attend missionaries and basically all of the pre-missionaries for their dental stuff. i got to talk with missionaries from the tegucigalpa mission and a bunch of gringos, i was kind of forgetting English haha. but yeah we had to cross over to the other mission to this office.

i hit the year mark in Honduras! crazy to think that a year ago i arrived and went with elder bingham, the chapel we we arrived is really close here. 

Weird culture thing... on like all of the fruits here they put salt/spice on it! like on oranges and watermelons. its really annoying actually. 

ON thursday we had a stake lunch with the stake president and all of the missionaries from the stake. Elder Paz is in the stake but is in another zone, so that was super fun to see him and talk to him. I really miss him haha super fun times in juticalpa. hes training now so technically i'm a grandpa now. 

Also, on friday before our reunion de distrito we had interviews with President!! Safe to say that my interview with president ferman was awesome, one of the most spiritual moments of mty life. One of the things he told me and was explaining me was that The Lord called me to be in this time and place. Not president ferman or the assistants, but the Lord. Sometimes in life we often forget that our callings literally come from The Lord, and we have to realize that and follow through, no matter how hard it can be. I felt the calming healing power of the Atonement, and I know that my President is an inspired man of God with the authority to call and choose. And that is how the whole church functions. 

Had a couple people in church, the mom and her kid who has been going to seminary, but the husband doesnt want anything to do with us, which kindof sucks. This week i have high hopes in bringning more people to church. 

We also surprised the sisters with KFC at the church, when they had though it was interviews with presidente. that was fun. and delicious. and it really animated the sisters to work harder and now they have 5 fijo baptismal dates. 

Well good week, challenigng but Heavenly Father is on my side.

Love you all very much!

Elder Wagner